Download the PDF of our official After Burn Report for SOAK*2016.

Before the dust had settled on SOAK*2016, before the last piece of moop was cleared and the last rebar stake pulled out, the fates beckoned us to look to the future -- toward SOAK*2017.

We had plumbed the depths of science, and now sought other modes of inquiry to guide us toward good fortune in the year ahead. We cast lots on Sunday morning in search of an answer. At the Temple conflagration that night, we burned an offering in the flames. We wished for guidance upon a shooting star. We crossed our fingers at midnight and placed our ticket stubs under our pillows before we fell asleep.

Monday morning, an oracle raked the cooling burn scar and read the cinders for an omen. The ashes revealed their prophecy. We are spooked, thrilled and excited to announce the theme for SOAK*2017: Superstition.

Knock on wood; the thirteenth year of SOAK should be a fortuitous experience!